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2015 (main events)
  • On 25 Jan, LSPA held the Troika working group meeting the aim of which was to discuss the aims and objectives for DISPA meeting in Riga. The group came up with the title for DISPA- “Objectives in Contemporary Public Administration and the Contribution of Training Institutions.” The topic was closely connected with the priorities of the Latvian Presidency in EU, the main of which are Competitive Europe, Digital Europe and Engaged Europe.
  • From 2 to 6 February the director Edite Kalnina took part in the colloquium and experience sharing of case study methodology applied in public administration organized by the South-Africa-European Union Strategic Partnership the Dialogue Facility. The director presented the case study “The life cycle of the Latvian School of Public Administration”.

  • 2 April LSPA hosted the Estonian minister and delegation from public administration personnel departments to present the School’s experience in relation to training in public administration.
  • On 8 May LSPA hosted the delegation from Opland municipality in Norway.

  • On 21-23 May the director of LSPA Edite Kalnina participated in NISPAcee annual conference “Insourcing and/or outsourcing: How do they contribute to public administration reform? “in Georgia in order to ensure the international cooperation between LSPA and the countries from the Eastern Partnership and the Balkan region countries.
  • On June 4-5, LSPA held DISPA meeting which was attended by 37 participants from 24 countries as well as by local lecturers, subject matter experts from Latvia. According to the feedback received, the meeting was a success.

  • On 27-28 July LSPA organized two day training for the representatives from the Civil Service Commission of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan. A training practice offer for Master students was also prepared for the Academy of Public Service under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

  • On 28 September LSPA hosted the delegation from public administration institutions in Kazakhstan. The aim of the visit was to find common points of interest in order to cooperate within the framework of training exchange projects.
  • On 30 Nov and 1 December the director of LSPA Edite Kalnina together with the director of the State Chancellery payed a visit to Georgian Administration of Government where they had a meeting with the head of the International Education Centre in order to discuss the possible cooperation possibilities.

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