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Open Training

The LSPA’s key function is to ensure training and consultation service ‘to strengthen the competence of Latvian public administration employees'. The LSPA implements mainly short term training courses on different topics that are important in public administration. In 2015 LSPA trained 6021 participants.
In 2015 LSPA submitted two project applications to the Central Finance and Contracting Agency of the Republic of Latvia which manages the projects co-financed by the EU. The projects titles are: Professional Development of Public Service to improve Legal Framework  for support of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises» and  “Professional Development of Public Service in Prevention  of Corruption and  Reduction of Shadow Economy” (2016-2022). The project applications were successfully approved and in January 2016 the implementation of these projects has been commenced. 

Quality of Training Delivery
In order to ensure the quality of training delivery the electronic version of evaluation forms has been designed and the evaluation is carried out at the end of each course. The summary and results of evaluation forms are sent to the teachers/ trainers. There are also discussions/talks organized with the training staff and the clients on the process of course organization and necessary improvements. In addition, there is lesson/ session observation taking place when experts/ trainers observe their colleagues ‘work and give feedback on it.
The average evaluation of the courses according to the results of the evaluation forms in 2015 was – 8.7 points out of 10.
Regarding the teacher/ trainer development, there is a special event called “Teachers ‘afternoon” organized once a year, when all the training staff is invited to take part in the workshops/ lectures devoted to one, two specific themes.
Since January, 2016 there is a newly-appointed coordinator of international cooperation whose one of the responsibilities is going to be a participation in the EU funded programs/ projects that could contribute to the development of teacher training. 

Training modules:

A module „Introduction to the Work in Public Administration”

B module „Management Skills in Public Administration”

C module „Legal Issues in Public Administration”

D module „Policy Planning and Implementation”

E module „Human Resource Management in Public Administration”

F module „Financial Management and Accountancy in Public Administration”

G module „Communication with the Public and Improvement of Skills of Public Administration”

H module „Languages”

I module „ Flow of Information and Technology”

J module „Internal Audit”

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