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Language Training
The aim of the language training is to provide an opportunity for public administration employees, as well as local government officials to acquire professional English at the basic user and independent user levels (A and B levels) creating communicative language competence required for representing Latvia both at local and international levels.

English language training

Professional English language training for public administration employees is provided by two professional English language teachers who have extensive experience of teaching in public sector and teaching English for Specific Purposes. Both teachers have also vast experience in teacher training and trainer training at local and international levels.
There are 60 hours English language courses provided at school as well as a one day courses on the following subjects:
  • Presentation Skills in English
  • Diplomatic English
  • Short English grammar  course
  • Asking questions and responding to formal situations in English
  • How to learn a foreign language?
  • Business Correspondence in English
  • Professional English language training for public administration employees - Intensive course
  • Conducting meetings and discussions in English (A and B level of knowledge)
  • Improving Social English Language Skills (Small Talk)
  • Trends in English (tables and curves)

French language training

The French language is being taught on the regular basis since September 2015 within the framework of the Inernational Organization of La Francophonie (OIF - Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie) and the Latvian State Chancellery funded program "The French language in the international relationships" according to the regulations of Cabinet of Ministers "About memorandum of cooperation about state Francophonie initiative" (2015-2018).
Since 2015, the LSPA  perfoms the administrative functions of the French language course organization. The costs of studies are covered rfom the Latvian state budget and the International Organization of La Francophonie.
The French language courses for civil servants are offered twice a year – in autumn (September-December) and in spring (February - May). In addition, various thematic seminars are being provided during the year.

The French language training is provided in cooperation with the Lativian State Chancellery,  the International Organization of La Francophonie - and the French Institute in Latvia -


Spanish language training

Launched Spanish language trainig on an experimental basis in the spring 2017, is the result of a successful cooperation between the Latvian School  of Public Administrationwith the Spanish Embassy in Latvia.

Around 50 employees of the Latvian  public  administration, who have been appointed to the studies of Spanish language in the Latvian School of Public Administration already in the spring 2017, continue today to study the Spanish language.

The training is coordinated by the Latvian School of Public Administration, who carries out a 60-hour taining course of Spanish language at the elementary level (level A) in its premises. As to the Spanish language teachers, they are provided by the Spanish Embassy in Latvia.

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