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Improving Regulations to Support Small and Medium-sized Enterprises
Project No. "Professional Development of Human Resources in Public Administration for Improving Regulations to Support Small and Medium-sized Enterprises" is aimed at developing competences of employees of Latvian public administration to understand business enabling factors and regulatory legal acts, as well as improve public services and legislation in order to reduce legislative and administrative burden, stimulate entrepreneurship, raise competitiveness and sustainability of enterprises.
Training participants will receive professional development regarding the following topics: legislation, reduction of legislative burden, cooperation between the public and private sector, communication of public administration with enterprises, customer-oriented management, public services, basics of entrepreneurship, fair competition and enhancing competitiveness, export stimulation, support to innovative small and medium-sized enterprises as well as other topics.
The project target group comprises middle and low-level managers, policy developers and implementers, including employees with controlling function, lawyers, customer-service, human resource and procurement specialists. Certain online trainings will be provided also for employees of municipalities.
The project foresees development of seven training modules. The first or the joint introductory module "Entrepreneurship and economics" will be provided for all project target groups.  Also six main modules will be developed, each with its own training strategy and unique training structure. Courses included in the main modules will be categorized (basic, profound course etc.) and oriented towards groups performing various functions and operating at different levels of hierarchy (e.g., experts in specific fields, new officials and employees etc.).
In addition, specialized training courses that are correspondent to individual training needs and priorities of institutions involved will be elaborated. 

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